As a Dad of two boys, it was of utmost importance to me that my 2 guys (now ages 20 and 18 years) be influenced by a kind and virtuous person with the highest ethical and humanistic standards; standards that he requires of himself and that he expects and successfully develops in his students. Mr. Pattison at the Center for Martial Arts exemplifies and personifies all that a parent can ask for in a teacher, mentor and person to help a child make the difficult transition from child to autonomous young adulthood.

Although the martial arts instruction is outstanding, my personal comfort comes not only from knowing that both my guys know how to "take care of themselves in the street" if need be, and they have learned how to use their persuasive intelligence rather than their fists to avoid physical altercations whenever possible. However, as important as self defense ability is, of even greater importance are the other life lessons that are presented as an integral part of the arts training. I feel that the most valuable lessons my young men learned and developed at the Center for Martial Arts include respect for all people (including and especially themselves), respect for the environment, the importance of setting goals worthy of themselves, and daily effort to move oneself toward those goals and life purposes, and taking responsibility for their actions. These virtues remain with and continue to serve his students as a part of their personal character, long after their martial arts studies have been replaced by other life endeavors and adventures.

Enrolling my guys in Mr. Pattison's program was one of the best things I ever did for my kids! Just goes to show you that even I get it right once in a while!
- Steve G. (Encinitas)
We are at the Center for Martial Arts since more than 10 years. My oldest daughter started going there 10 years ago, my two younger daughters 8 and 4 years ago. I started more than 7 years ago. It is an awesome place to learn a wide range of self-defense techniques that might help your daughter or son in developing more confidence and in the case of any danger the fortitude to come out unharmed. On top of that, it is a full-body workout that will allow you to move smoother and faster. If you want to burn lots of energy, this is the place to go :-) Master Pattison and his instructors are very friendly and help you develop your martial arts skills from the ground up. You don't need to have any martial arts knowledge before you join. There is lots of help to learn everything you need to know in baby steps that will allow your mind and body to adjust gradually. Obviously highly recommended!
- Wolfgang E.
 CMA has a fantastic staff and a wonderful program. Our son absolutely loves it and it is a great source of pride for him.
- Karen C.
The instructors get to the core of the individuals - they inspire, mentor, and bring out the best in their students, both physically and mentally. A++++++
- Jo L.
 They're just the best instructors - it's as simple as that!
- Brenda K.

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